Ombre Hair Color & Balayage in Mokena

redken ombre color tinley park IL


This year we are seeing a wide variety of beautiful trends in both color and style on the fashion runways.  By far, the most sought after looks are ombre color and balayage.

You’ve seen it on the tresses of celebrities such as Jessica Biel,  Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie.  Ombre hair color is a fabulous specialty color technique in which the tips and lower sections of your hair are tinted with a lighter shade that softens as it progresses upward, gently blending into rich brown hues at the top.   This creates a beautiful tonal effect that is very natural looking.  

Ombre  takes brunettes to a whole new level!  If your natural color feels a bit drab or mousy, you can add immediate interest and dimension with ombre.  

A more artistic approach than foils, balayage highlights are “painted” or “swept” onto your hair in an advanced color technique that creates the effect of hair that has been kissed by the sun.   The beauty of balayage is all in the technique…..highlights can be randomly placed exactly where you want them, sweeping upward for a lightening effect that gently fades and blends into your natural hair color.
Balayage highlights are less maintenance than foil highlights as they tend to grow out more naturally and require less root touch-up.     The other plus is that the highlights are very subtle and realistic looking, giving your hair a “light-infused” effect.   

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