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great lengths hair extensions 

Instant Glamour.  Amazing Length.  Stunning Volume.

Great Lengths hair extensions can take your hair from ordinary to breathtakingly beautiful in just one salon appointment!   Great Lengths extensions from our Mokena salon are created from luxurious 100% natural remy human hair, absolutely the highest quality extensions on the market.  A variety of different lengths and  textures are available so the possibilities are almost endless.  You can match the texture, color, and thickness of your own natural hair for an undetectable look or you can instantly add highlights and special color effects without a chemical service by choosing hair in a contrasting hue.  Over 40 natural colors are available  in addition to vibrant fantasy shades.  Diamond strands that are embellished with Swarovski crystal are also available to add a whole new level of glamour and elegance to your hair.  

Great Length hair extensions are made from remy hair of the highest quality.  Remy hair is minimally processed and carefully selected so that the cuticle of every strand of hair faces in the same direction.  This ensures long lasting beautiful results and very little tangling.




great lengths hair extensions


Q: Will hair extensions damage my own natural hair?

A:  Great Lengths hair extensions are attached with a very gentle technique that will not damage your hair.  The point of attachment is made up of a molecular compound that is very similar to your own hair.  It bonds to your natural hair in a special process that is safe and fast.    

Unlike many other brands, there is no messy glue or adhesives, no clipping or beads, and no harmful chemicals.  When you are ready to have your hair extensions removed or adjusted, the process is also very gentle and safe for your hair.



Q: How long will my hair extensions last?

A:  Because Great Lengths hair extensions are created from high quality hair, they will last much longer than inferior, synthetic brands.   To keep your extensions looking beautiful and healthy, we recommend using a gentle sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.  Sulfate free products will cleanse your hair gently without stripping the moisture and natural oils from your hair.   Over the counter hair care products such as those purchased from the drugstore should not be used on your hair extensions.  Please ask one of the stylists at our hair salon for recommendations on the best hair care products for your new extensions. 

great lengths hair extensions



Q: How long does it take for hair extensions to be applied?

A: The amount of time required to attach extensions depends upon several factors including the amount of volume that you wish to achieve, the amount of extensions that will need to be applied to create the fullness that you want, and the length that you desire.  At your initial consultation, our stylists can give you an estimate regarding the amount of time that will be needed.


Q: How are the hair extensions removed?

A:  Periodically, you will need to come to the salon to have your extensions adjusted as your natural hair grows.  The process for removing your extensions is fast and very gentle.   One of our stylists will use a special gel to gently break down the bond holding the extensions to your natural hair.  Then a removal tool will be used to slide the bond down your own hair with no damage to your natural hair.  

Q:  Can I style my extensions with a blowdryer or straightener?

A:  Yes.  Great Lengths hair extensions can be styled with blow dryers and flat irons.  You can also perm your extensions, color them, and highlight them.  Because Great Lengths extensions are created from 100% human hair, you can treat them like you would your natural hair.  We do recommend using a heat protectant serum or product before heat styling in order to protect your extensions from damage.  You should also use the lowest temperature and coolest setting possible when using blow dryers and heat styling tools. 


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