2015 Best Hair Style Trends

What are the hot hair styles for 2015?  This year’s trends are relaxed and versatile and offer something for everyone!   Browse this year's favorite trends below inspired by Redken and New York Fashion Week.


Ponytails are another favorite look among designers, from sleek polished styles  to loose messy ponytails  gathered at the nape of the neck, and then secured with a section of hair instead of the typical band.




Braids are one of the best and most loved hair style trends for 2015, and it’s no wonder.  The versatility of braided styles makes them a go-to look for weekend wear, evenings out, bridal hair styles, and day-to-day easy styling.   Favorite braided trends include:
Messy fishtail Boho side braids
Vintage school girl braids, worn on either side
Braids interwoven with flowers
Low braided ponytails that can be wrapped into a bun at the base of the neck
Braided upper portions of hair that accent the crown area of the head
Braided updos that feature elaborate and detailed artistry



This is a great look for times when you need a style that has a hint of sophistication without going overboard.   It's super easy to achieve in minutes!  Simply gather your hair into a low ponytail in the back.  Hold the base of the ponytail and flip your hair over the base to create a loop/chignon.  Then pull the length back through the loop and allow the ends to come to the side.  Pin in place and presto.  Instant chic! 



Soft wavy styles are ever popular this year.  Smooth, understated waves with a gentle, feminine touch are an excellent option for shoulder-length and beyond shoulder-length styles that need a touch of volume and wave for variety and interest.


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